The idea behind WAN.DER.GRACE was birthed from longing.Longing to tap into a different perspective behind our passion and bring a breath of fresh air into Fiji wedding styling.We want to encourage our brides to share what stirs their hearts, and allow us the oppurtunity to create beautifully unique wedding themes for each and every one of them.

To say WAN.DER.GRACE was an absolute delight to put together with the team at Peachylini is an understatement.It was a combination of combing through each and every aspect of the shoot but also just letting our inner creative souls loose and decing whatever goes,goes!

And so our dear brides,we hope that you'll enjoy this new theme as much as we did!Don't forget to show some love and feel free to throw questions at us in the comments section.

Sending you blessings from paradise!

Team Grace x

Photography : Peachylini

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Grace Creations Fiji